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==Notes and References==
==Notes and References==
{{The Standard Book of Spells}}
[[it:Incantesimo Congelatore]]
[[it:Incantesimo Congelatore]]

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"...immobilising two pixies at once with a clever Freezing Charm and stuffing them back into their cage"
—Hermione Granger's use of the charm in her Defence Against the Dark Arts class[src]

The Freezing Charm (Immobulus) is a spell which immobilises living targets.[1] It can also, according to Horace Slughorn, be used to disable Muggle burglar alarms.[2] It resembles the Flame-Freezing Charm, a spell used to negate the harmful effects of fire.

Known uses

Behind the scenes

  • In the second film, Hermione freezes all of the pixies instead of just two.


The incantation is derived from Latin immobilis meaning "immobile".


Notes and References

The Standard Book of Spells
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