"You'll need to get some foxglove from that chest over there."
Severus Snape instructs Harry Potter while making a Pompion Potion.[src]

Foxgloves are a genus of herbaceous plants with vivid flowers that range in colour from various purple tints through various shades of light grey.

Foxgloves are used in Potion-making, and are an essential ingredient in the preparation of the Pompion Potion.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Foxglove, a highly toxic plant, was associated with death and magic in Medieval European folklore. Eating the plant can cause heart failure, but the plant is also used in a modern heart drug.[2] In medieval times, the foxglove plant was also known as Witches' Fingers, Goblin Gloves, and in Celtic lus na mban sídhe (plant of the fairy women).[3]


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