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The Fountain

The Fountain was the titular object of the fairy tale of The Fountain of Fair Fortune. It was set among herbs and flowers rarer and more beautiful than any magical or muggle had ever seen, and it rested in the middle of an enchanted garden which possessed numerous obstacles.

On sunrise of the longest day of the year, one person was allowed a chance to bathe in it, provided they could overcome the obstacles and reach the fountain before sunset. Bathing in the Fountain's waters was reputed to grant the bather "Fair Fortune forevermore", but in truth, the Fountain carried no enchantment at all.

However, if properly utilised, the herbs that grew by the fountain were able to completely cure maladies that were beyond the capacity of Healers, as seen by how Altheda cured Asha of her disease through a potion she had concocted through mixing some of the herbs she thought most hopeful.

Behind the scenes


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