"Have you heard about the secret Founder Duels yet? Behind us is a statue. You can use it to find the entrance to the secret Founder Duels. Defeat each founder house duellist to win a Hogwarts Founder Famous Witches and Wizards card. Collect them all and you can enter the special Founders' Tower. No one we know has ever managed to beat all the founder duellists and enter the Founders' Tower. We'd really like to know what's inside. That's where you come in, Harry. We think you have the potential to defeat every duellist and win all the Founders' Wizard cards."
Fred Weasley to Harry Potter.[src]

The Founder Duels were a secret inter-House duelling championship during the 1990s. Champions were selected to represent each house (Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin Wizard Duelling Champions). The duelling areas (an open turrets area, a fenced yard and a dungeon) could be found past a secret passage in the statue of the Architect of Hogwarts, accessible behind the portraits of a Hufflepuff lady, a Ravenclaw lady and a Slytherin nobleman.[1]

The reward for beating all the Founder Champions was to gain access into the secret Founders' Tower, closed to all but the Hogwarts Champion. Harry Potter became the first one in years to gain access into the Tower, in 1993, during the course of his second year at Hogwarts School.[1]


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