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Waait..... Doesn't magic disobey the conservation of energy law?

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I think part of Harry Potter and the whole idea of a wizarding world is to completely disregard physics and other such scientific laws. Imagination is key to appreciation of the world in my opinion. If everything wizards could do had to adhere to physics laws, Jo would have had to end the book at about page five as the entire world operates on this lack of realistic principles principle. Being born able to regrow your own hair or vanish glass isn't exactly real or accurate which is what makes wizards fundimentally different than Muggles.
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This is Mr.Jedi saying that, although I enjoy the basic concept, magic just can't work. The energy used in the creation of conjured substances, the human-animal transfomations, and stupefy- like beams of energy disobey basic laws of physics. The energy and/or matter has to come from somewhre, it just cant poof into existance. If you have any ideas on how this would work, COMMENT! Thanks! - Mr.Jedi

It could be that no magical energy is ever destroyed or created, wizards merely summon it from the air or wherever and force it to do their bidding. That is, assuming it's even necessary to take something so seriously... J-man Zelda Fan 02:38, November 19, 2010 (UTC)
It may de because every spell uses energy from the wizard that casts them. So an unprepared wizard that tries to cast a difficult spell and succeeds may feel tired. (November 24, 2010. 18:22 GMT -3)

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