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In the OOTP, Harry stays at Grimmauld Place before he goes to school. While he's there, he Ron, and Hermione want to know what the hacket is going on. Finally, Sirius tells Harry some information about what's been going on. He tells him that Voldemort is making a powerful weapon, even more powerful than Aveda Kedarva. Maybe I just missed something, but what is the weapon, and did they explain it concretely or was there a subtle explanation that I missed?

Voldemort wasn't making the weapon, he was trying to steal it. The weapon was the prophecy. Becuse Voldemort only heard the first half before he tried to kill Harry as a baby he thought he must have missed something. and so he believed that hearing the prophecy in it's entirety would grant him the knowledge to destroy Harry. Hope that answears your question. Jayden Matthews 19:34, 29 August 2009 (UTC)