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Does anyone remember the Desktop Gnome? Why isn't it mentioned anywhere?

I distinctly remember at the release of The Chamber Of Secrets in the UK, I think Odeon (possibly wrong, maybe UCI or something) were giving out DVD's with meals or combos which had a demo of the Harry Potter CoS PC game on it, as well as some wallpapers, and a "Desktop Gnome". He acted like clippy, as in you could right click on him and he would do things such as wiggle, run away, make eating noises or jump, and you could pick him up and throw him with the cursor. He was based on the design from the game, and made the same noises.

I want this back SO BADLY and surely someone on here must remember it? Surely it deserves a mention on the wiki, or perhaps a link to it, as it must still exsist out there somewhere?! I feel like I rememer finding it on an old computer on the internet, because the designer had uploaded it. PLEASE HELP SOMEONE!