I think that we should have a Veela infobox, to put Fleur's grandmother and cousins. User:Quirinus Quirrell

Is it stated somewhere that Fleur's cousins are completly Veela and not only half breed as Fleur, Gabrielle and Apolline? It would mean that Fleur's grandmother had got children from several unions... Or did I miss something and Apolinne is completly Veela? In the Goblet of Fire, Fleur is introduced as Veela by Ron but she's only half breed, when in the Deathly Hallows, it's said "Veela cousins", is it possible that it's only a common way to speak about it and not a real fact? User:Famini71 26 december

I'm happy to read on Jayden's talk page that I'm "no one". So to be more clear: I would clarify whose characters are really Veelas. If there's only Fleur's grandmother + mascots from the bulgarian quidditch team that it's sure at 100% they are 100% Veela, I think a Veela Infobox is not really useful. I put question yesterday on Fleur's grandfather talk page because I don't find him in the novel. I think there speculation too on the page about Veela cousins. These points must be clarify before create an infobox in my opinion. User:Famini71 28 december

I didn't say that you're "no one", I just said that no one had said his opinion. You hadn't said if you wanted the infobox to be created. User:Quirinus Quirrell