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Many of us wiki regulars are familiar with Special:Wantedpages, which lists pages that may be needed based on number of redlinks pointing to the non-existent page. While that is a useful feature, that's not what I'm discussing today. There is no page in existence, nor could one generated by the wiki software ever exist, that lists pages we need, but as of currently do not cover due to lack of information on the subject or even lack of knowledge that the subject exists. It is my hope to use this forum topic to list some of these things, so that editors who know enough on the topic to write a decent, non-stub page on it, and may perhaps have been unaware that we do not currently cover the topic, can do so. With no further ado:

  • The Harry Potter Movie Magic Experience - Wikipedia article here. Essentially, before there was The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, there was this attraction at Warner Bros. Movie World, Australia's Warner Bros.-owned theme park. Given that this attraction closed back in 2003, finding more info on it than that Wikipedia article and the sources it provides may be difficult.
  • Scene It? - For those unaware, Scene It? is a series of DVD games sort of like a cross between a video game and a board game (the latter of which I will cover in more detail below). Players are asked questions about various movies, and must answer them correctly to proceed. According to Wikipedia, there have been three Harry Potter themed Scene It? games: Harry Potter 1st Edition, Harry Potter 2nd Edition, and Harry Potter The Complete Cinematic Journey. There is also a Warner Bros. 50th Anniversary Edition, which may or may not include any Harry Potter info, as well as potential Harry Potter questions in the more general games as well.
  • Board games - Of course, our coverage of official Harry Potter board games in general is lacking. I made one such page for a game I happened to own, and a category for potential future pages, and I think that category is begging to be filled. BoardGameGeek, a highly reputable source for board game information, may be a useful source here for games no active editor owns.

Now, I don't attempt to push all this work off on other editors. Being at home for this Memorial Day (a U.S. federal holiday held on the last Monday in May to honour those who have died serving in the Armed Forces, for our non-American editors) weekend, I have considerably less limited computer and Internet access, and thus intend to knock out at least some of these pages, but help is always appreciated, either in the form of making pages for subjects you happen to know about, or even adding more things you feel we currently lack. -- 1337star (Drop me a line!) 16:36, May 25, 2013 (UTC)