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In the battle over Little Whinging, with the decoy Harry's, Harry falls to safety within the Tonks' boundaries. Voldemort is unable to follow because of the protective spells and enchantments. This might seem silly but why wasn't Voldemort able to go through? Both him and Harry were traveling by untraceable means. I suppose it may be that the charms would not allow anyone with a dark mark through, just like the Death Eaters can set up something to recognize the Dark Mark. Maybe the spells were set up to recognize certain people? The answer might be right in my face and I'm just not getting it. However, I'm really interested in other peoples opinions.....

I think this works somewhat similar to the Fidelis charm in the sense of Aurors who placed the protective spells over the locations are able to choose who can go through it and and who cant, almost like the secret keepers for Grimauld place...Given that in advance they knew who was going to which location, they probably had it set up like that, so say for example, when they set the charm over Mr and Mrs Tonks house, they already knew Harry would be going their with Hagrid so they probably set it up so that Hagrid would have access to go through and anyone with him...same with the other locations...there seems to be lots of pick-and-choose with these protective spells...(Sodzy 02:28, January 11, 2010 (UTC))