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I have a question; in book 4 (really the only book that I dislike reading, I find it too involved with romance drama and a plotline that doesn't really add much at all to the story until the very end) why was Voldemort's plan to transport Harry to the graveyard so elaborate? Couldn't the fake Moody just have given Harry any old item for a portkey at any old time of the day/night? If that wasn't up to Voldemort's stuff, couldn't the portkey at least have been one of the golden eggs or something else Harry just would have touched; even the book that Moody gave Harry could have been turned into a portkey. It makes no sense why Voldemort made Moody wait a full year and put Harry throgh the attention-getting (and possibly deadly) Tournement. What was the deal with the Cup having to be the portkey?

Maybe Rowling could have let Voldemort mention that the specific night of the maze was happened to be the only night he could revive himself? (Maybe there could have been a full moon or a certain date's anniversary or something.)

Making the date significant still wouldn't really have solved the problem. "Moody" could have just as easily handed Harry a book or something on that date without entering him into the tournament. Really, it's because the book would have been ridiculously short if he had done that, and because that would really be kind of lame. At this point Harry has only survived Voldemort twice(and he was a baby one of those times), so Voldemort doesn't really think there will be a problem with going for the more dramatic route. Plus, it would look a bit suspicious if Harry disappeared immediately after being handed a book by "Moody," and I doubt that "Moody" would have had access to the eggs. He was allowed to hide the cup in the maze, but I'm sure the dragon keepers handled the golden eggs. Your description of book 4 really applies more to book 6 anyway, which didn't really have any plot until the end, and focused more on "romance drama," establishing backstory, and setting up for the final book. That's all important, but it also made it come off as one of the weaker books, and wasn't nearly as good as book 4. Still, everyone has their own opinion.Icecreamdif 05:11, November 8, 2011 (UTC)