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my question is, How come Professor McGonagall couldn't marry Dougal McGregor... he was a muggle yes.. but alot of the students at Hoqwarts have half and half... like Seamus. Snape had half and half... even Voldemorts pops was a muggle. yeah i was just wondering why she couldn't do it but everyone else can. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs).

She could have married McGregor if she'd wanted too, but it would have meant making sacrifices. Seamus' mom didn't even tell his dad that she was a witch until after they were married, and Minerva's own mother didn't tell her father that she was a witch until after Minerva was born. Tom Riddle and Merope Gaunt's marriage ended even worse, if you'll recall. Keeping secrets does not work well in any marriage, and even if Dougal had accepted Minerva as a witch, it would have either meant that Dougal would have had to live as a muggle in the wizarding world, or Minerva would have had to live as a witch in the muggle world. It wouldn't have been fair of Minerva to ask Dougal to give up his current life to live in a world where he wouldn't be accepted, and Minerva had seen how much her mother had struggled to live in the muggle world.Icecreamdif 00:59, March 6, 2012 (UTC)

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