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On the page about Merlin, it says he attended Hogwarts and was likely born in 982, during the time of the Angle-Saxon kings. This doesn't make sense, as King Arthur supposedly lived in the 5th and 6th centuries. Which means, for Merlin to have served him, he would have to have been born in the 4th or early 5th centuries. As such, he'd never have attended Hogwarts, and would have died long before the Founders lived. Unless I've missed something.

Well, you missed the part in the behind-the-scenes section of the article that points out exactly what you just said. But there are a couple of things to note, that: A.) Dates have never been one of Rowling's strong points and B.) Harry Potter's universe is not our own, there are definite and established differences between the two, not just in the exisence of a magical world, but also certain other facts and events that don't fit with actual history. ProfessorTofty 02:58, December 2, 2011 (UTC)
As Prof. Tofty didn't explicitly point it out, I'll add that we know Merlin attended Hogwarts because of Pottermore, which I'll make the assumption you are not a beta member of. But yeah, this is far from the only time Rowling's world hasn't matched up with our own: practically any day of the the week given is wrong, the terms and even genders of known Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom don't make sense, Queen Elizabeth turned 80 in 1996 (if you take The Queen's Handbag as canon, that is), etc. -- 1337star (talk) 03:08, December 2, 2011 (UTC)
Ok, thanks for clearing that up.--Ealisaid