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Hi, all I was just wondering if anyone could find or name some medical ailments that would be suitable in putting into my HP fanfiction story... Symptoms include: Difficulty breathing, passing out and dizziness... Made up names are welcome as long as they sound suitable for the HP community! ^_^ Thanks Jessica

Hi, Jess,
First you could make use of some plants as in [Category:Plants] or beasts [Category:Beasts] and make some good sounding potions-names out of it. Or you take some latin words: e.g. if think about something against nose-bleed look up "nose" and "blood" either in a latin dictionary or type them into wikipedia and look for the latin (Latina) entry. It will be "nasus" and "sanguis". Now mix them as you please (how about a sangunaso-potion?). You could also make use of the latin classification of plants or animals as given in wikipedia. Again, wikipedia gives some medical terms to dizziness: Disequilibrium and Pre-syncope. Should be possible to make something out of that!
Hope I could help you! Do you let us know where and when you will post your story? Enjoy writing! Phineas F. Flitwick 20:04, 5 March 2009 (UTC)

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