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I heard that in March 2010 Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 will be released - im not sure how the levels will work - some of them are easy but the first film is hard. I suppose there will be seven levels per film.

These arent listed in order.

Philosiphers Stone: Escape the Letters (shown on the trailer, though this could be a cut scene) Diagon Alley Forbidden Forest Final Fight Quiditch Forbidden Corridor (fluffy, devil snare etc) Troll

Chamber of Secrets: Escape the dursleys Chamber of secrets Spiders Pollyjuice potion Womping willow fight against lucius malfoy quiditch with bludgers

Prisoner of Azkaban: Timeturner trouble Serius Black Dementor quiditch the knight bus buckbeak ~ ~

Goblet of Fire: Quditch world cup first task second task third task lord voldamort ~ ~

Thats all i could think of. please tell me if i missed anything or you disagree. As for the lessons maybe they could be minigames

I agree these levels should be included.96ken(Talk) 12:52, 5 July 2009 (UTC)

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