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I was looking over our project's infoboxes and I realized it might be helpful for readers who aren't familiar with the colour schemes that are currently in use if we added some kind of identifying label to the top of all infoboxes. For instance, Template:Character infobox and Template:Muggle infobox both have grey headers, and are hard to tell apart when placed in articles. The black and yellow used for the infoboxes of Ministry employees (e.g., Madam Edgecombe) is easily confused with the Hufflepuff colours. Similarly, Template:Dark wizard infobox, which is primarily green, could easily be taken as an indication that the character is a Slytherin. Also, many of the colours that have been chosen aren't necessarily the most intuitive, like sea green for Template:Book infobox and purple/blue for Template:Class infobox. I propose that we add some kind of label that would more clearly identify what the infobox type is in articles. Any ideas? -Starstuff 03:57, 19 April 2008 (UTC)