Forums: Index > Help Desk archive > If wizards can use charms and enchantments on objects, why would they need to buy enchanted items in the shops? like the stuff that fred and george created

why don't they just use charms and enchantments by themselves on objects instead of buying them from shops.

also, i have always wondered. has does mrs. weasley actually "cook" stuff and bake stuff when there are no ovens and stoves in the wizarding world because electricity and such things do not work!?!

You ever notice that the entire premise of the first six books is that Harry has to go to a wizard school to learn magic? Magic is not easy, and some wizards just aren't good at certain spells. When Fred and George are showing Harry their shield hats, they explain how surprised they were that some people in the ministry can't perform a simple shield charm. Most of the people in the ministry are just bueracrats who haven't had to use defensive magic since they were at Hogwarts, so that's not really too surprising. Another fact that you may find surprising is that people have been cooking since long before the invention of electricity. There have even been ovens since before electricity. Molly would have just been using an old-timey oven, and probably a bit of magic, to cook her food. Besides, its only in Hogwarts that muggle technology doesn't work. There is more magic in the air in Hogwarts than in an average Wizarding house-hold, so Molly could use electrical appliances if she so desired. You ever notice how much electric crap Arthur's got lying around?Icecreamdif 20:35, February 9, 2012 (UTC)