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I have three spells that I'd like to add to the forum. If someone would add them, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm so glad that this site has movie, book, video game, and card spells. They're very informative.

These are the ones I need to add:

- Expoxmise or Epoxmise (I lost the TCG card) - causes object to become incredibly sticky

- Lumos Maxima/Bombarda Maxima - "maxima" is used to intensify spells, etc.

- Incarcefores - turns the object into a cage (seen in Harry Potter TCG)

- Snufflifores - turns books into mice (see in HP3 Gamecube game)

- Carpe Retractum - (Latin: Seize and pull) a rope of pure magic shoots out from the wand like a lasso --- used to pull objects closer (seen in HP3 Gamecube game)

- Mellifores - causes the opponent's head to turn into a pumpkin (seen in HP3 Gamecube game)