In The harry potter character page there is a mistake and it is locked! When Voldemort kills Harry in the last book, it says he meets Dumbledore, but he doesn't actually it is a figmant of his imagination, dumbledore says this himself.
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Dumbledore does not say it is a figment of Harry's imagination, he says it is all inside his head. A figment of one's imagination implies that it was merely a mirage and did not actually happen. Being inside one's head, however, implies that it could be very real. After all, we only know things through our own perspective; there is nothing to contradict that everything we experience isn't just inside our head. Dumbledore also could have been implying that our thoughts are very real and tangible things that should not merely be written off as mirages just because they go on in our minds. However, I'm not sure how likely this second explanation is because J.K. Rowling makes a point of saying Harry could touch Dumbledore. Victoria

Do Gringott's goblins not care that Sirius broke out of prison, otherwise how else would he have been able to draw gold from his account without signing his name?

I've wondered this too. For starters though, I don't believe Gringotts asks for a signature if you are accessing your own account. They ask for other proof such as a wand or key. I could be wrong though. There are many ways that this could be explained. For one, nonhuman creatures with intelligence comparable to humans (ie goblins and centaurs) often state that they do not recognize a wizarding master. Therefore, they may have cared less for his status with the wizards than the fact that he was part of a family with vast sums of money. I think it most likely though that he either had sums of money stored elsewhere or he had help from someone else accessing his money (like Dumbledore). I'm not sure how he could have done it alone though without altering his appearance because the store he bought it from would of had to of seen him too. Assuming he acquired it by legal means, I would think that he would of had some sort of assistance. Victoria

Regarding how he bought the Firebolt for Harry, I am not a hundred percent sure of this, but there is a possible theory that the request for it was sent to the store via owl post. Who knows maybe there is a credit fashion in the Gringotts to be able to transfer money to people via owlpost with enough ID in the request form. Its just a thought. Jeevn.