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After revisiting the series in its entirety, I have been able to formulate answers to virtually every question I had previously'---'EXCEPT FOR ONE!

It revolves around Harry's decision to sacrifice himself to eliminate the horcrux of Voldemort that resided within him. Surely, based on the events to follow, not only was this the right decision, but it was absolutely necessary for Harry to defeat Voldemort. Harry returns to Earth from limbo due to Voldemort's fatal mistake of using Harry's protected blood to bring about his own revival (Graveyard, GoF).

However, my question is not about the results, but rather the intention. Professor Trelawney's First Prophecy states: "either must die at the hand of the other." Harry goes into the forest with every intention of DYING and not coming back. A very noble act, but based on what he knew, was he not trapped in a Catch-22? He had to eliminate the horcrux within him, but Voldemort "must die at the hand of [Harry]."

He tells Neville to kill Nagini, assuming he will not return, but does he not understand that based on the prophecy, Voldemort will not be defeated by anyone BUT HIM. It all works out in the end when he returns, but Harry's decision was irrational, right?

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