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Hello. I've compiled a list of languages for which Harry Potter wikis exist.

The languages

First I begin with languages for which Interlanguage links exist from this wiki. Some of them have more than one wiki attached; in such cases only the first is linked. I provide them solely for completeness' sake: you may link other wikis; however this is at the expense of unlinking the first wiki. So I sincerely recommend against it in all cases.

Unlinked languages

These wikis are in languages for which no Interlanguage links exist. You should consider having them linked to this wiki! You may only link one from each language. My suggestion is highlighted.

Itty-bitty wikis

Sad as it is, some languages have very poor, very small wikis. I set these off to the side. You can link them if you want but I will not push it.

What do I propose?

As the administrator of my own w:c:wolfenstein, I propose interlanguage links between this wiki, all currently-linked Harry Potter wikis, and each of the unlinked wikis (omitting the "itty-bitty wikis" at the end, though I won't stop you if you do want them linked). This will foster the growth of the foreign language wikis by allowing them to tack on to their very large English equivalent. It will contribute to the international Harry Potter community.

Only one wiki from each language may be linked. My suggestions are highlighted in boldface. Once we've made a decision the links can be made at Community Central. Or if I am given permission by an administrator, I can take care of setting up the links all by myself. I do this for a lot of wikis so I promise I won't screw up.

What do you say? May I link the wikis? Elecbullet (talk) 08:19, February 3, 2013 (UTC)

Well, we're already doing this with certain foreign language wikis, so you can just add it to the current links, right? Have you seen our existing links at the bottom of certain articles? But this linking to a lot of alternative wikis, it could lead to a lot of links around the bottom of the page that aren't really desirable. I think we should wait to see what others think on that. ProfessorTofty (talk) 00:32, February 4, 2013 (UTC)
The links need to be enabled before they can be made. If I just type da: it won't correctly link right now, but there's a lovely Danish wiki with 240 articles which deserves to be linked. What I am asking is to have the links enabled; also to have links placed on the Main Page (Main Page links are the most important links on the wiki). I don't feel like we should omit good wikis, distancing ourselves from our foreign allies, to avoid too-many links. Check out Wikipedia- they certainly have no shortage of interlanguage links.
I understand if you want community approval first though, so I'll wait for that to happen. Elecbullet (talk) 01:16, February 4, 2013 (UTC)
Uuuh. So. It's about to have been a month and I don't know how much community approval I've gotten. Nobody seems to have a particularly strong opinion on the matter. What do you suppose we should do? Elecbullet (talk) 14:13, March 3, 2013 (UTC)

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