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Several weeks ago, the community voted to create a review panel of editors to serve as adjudicators that would deem whether or not articles nominated for featured article status were worthy or not. A five-editor panel will be created, with myself at the head due to my familiarity with the system at hand, and my experience as a reviewer on both the FA and GA review panels over at Wookieepedia.

The remaining four members of the panel will be chosen by a straight majority vote.

Rules for nomination and voting:

  1. Candidates may nominate themselves, or be nominated by others as long as the nominator has the express permission of the candidate beforehand.
  2. Despite being allowed to nominate themselves, candidates are not allowed to vote for themselves.
  3. Each voter is allowed two votes only.
  4. Votes must comply with our voting policy.

Candidate criteria:

Candidates must be prepared to do the following in their new position:

  1. Read every article nominated for Featured Article status, and critique it without prejudice towards the subject or the nominator.
  2. Be prepared to read through articles with an eye to correcting spelling, grammar and other errors as they are found.
  3. Provide critical analysis of the nominated articles, pointing out deficiencies and problems with the articles for the nominator to correct until the reviewer is happy that it meets the guidelines set down in the new Featured Article policy.
  4. Be prepared to critically review existing Featured Articles noted for being lacking in some areas for improvement, or eventually stripping them of their status.
  5. Monitor current Featured Articles for edits that are detrimental to the article.

Ideally, candidates for the post should be:

  1. Experienced, active editors within the community (or another reputable wiki community)
  2. Writers of articles that have reached Featured Article status
  3. Have an excellent grasp of the English language and its usage
  4. Editors in good standing, with no history of edit warring, vandalism, or personal attacks

Be aware that a place on the review panel is not a privilege—it is a responsibility. You will be expected to do your job and uphold the status of our Featured Articles. Being an Unspeakable of the Department of Mysteries is not a bragging right, or a badge that is pretty; you will be expected to work hard.

There will be a nomination period of five days, where editors may put themselves forward for a place on the panel, or nominate their chosen candidate. I will then open the voting on Sunday, 4th October, and the vote will remain open for two weeks, with the caveat that the vote may be closed if the majority of the active community has voted, or if the voting has been stagnant for more than a week. - Cavalier OneGryffindorcrest(Wizarding Wireless Network) 09:29, September 29, 2009 (UTC)


Nominations should be placed below, following this format:

  • Candidate's name (make sure to link to their user page)
  • Nominated by: (nominator's name if different from candidate)
  • Nomination comments: (any relevant comments on the candidate's eligibility for the role)

  • Grunny
  • Nominated by: Cavalier One
  • Nomination comments: While I am aware that Grunny has only been with the community a short time, I work with him on several other wikis where he is both an Administrator, and—in the case of Wookieepedia—a member of both the AgriCorps and Inquisitorius, which are review panels similar to the one we are creating. He is a dedicated and hard working individual, with an eye towards writing good articles as well as critiquing and improving them.

  • Starstuff
  • Nominated by: Nick O'Demus, Profiteor
  • Nomination comments (Nick O'Demus): Startstuff has consistently been one of this wiki's most active contributers, and she already regularly monitors and updates featured content.
  • Nomination comments (Profiteor): As Nick said above, Starstuff consistently has been an active member of the wiki. She has a great eye for things and would be a great choice.


Several weeks have passed without further nomination or comments, far beyond the initial date I placed on ending this process. I am therefore convening the panel, effectively immediately, with three members. Other members will be invited to join after discussion between the current members of the panel. - Cavalier OneGryffindorcrest(Wizarding Wireless Network) 08:26, October 19, 2009 (UTC)