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Sirius Black appears on a "muggle" news report at the start of the POA book.

How is this possible if the magical world is supposed to be hidden? (Meaning Azkaban and its 'residence' shouldn't be known to humans) —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs).

Read the first chapter of Half-Blood Prince. Fudge informed the Muggle PM the escape of Black, and told him to announce the muggle world to stay away from him. Also , in POA, Vernon Dursley said that they didn't announce where did Black escape, so they didn't mention Azkaban. ~ronweasleypwns
Well, I think, if you remember the sixth book, that the muggle minister gets numerous visits from the minster for magic, so they obviously alert the muggle world about it, and in my mind it all fits. - TomsDarkMark