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"Before I go, you'll be wantin' these. All the students at Hogwarts are keen on Famous Witches and Wizards Cards. These Folios are where yeh store the cards. Yeh carry the Folio Brevis around with yeh, but the Folio Magi, yer main album, is too big to carry aroun'. Yours is already at Hogwarts waiting for yeh, but yeh can still look at it now. Yeh jus' can't put your cards in it yet."
Rubeus Hagrid gives Harry Potter his Folio Brevis.[src]

A Folio Brevis was a pocket album to temporarily store Famous Witches and Wizards Cards before a collector had the opportunity to store them in the much larger and bulkier Folio Magi.


Brevis is Latin for "small" or "short".

Behind the scenes

  • The existence of this object is revealed through a line of dialogue that mentions it that was intended to be used in the Game Boy Colour version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. However, the line goes unused in the final game and it is not possible to read this dialogue, though it still appears in the game's files. No actual icon for the Folio Brevis can be found in the game files, however, suggesting it was replaced by the Folio Triplicus early in development.[1]


Notes and references

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