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[[fr:Flyte et Barker]]
[[fr:Flyte et Barker]]
[[pl:Flyte i Barker]]
[[Category:Broomstick manufacturers]]
[[Category:Broomstick manufacturers]]

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Flyte and Barker was a broomstick manufacturing company. They released the Twigger 90 in 1990.


Flyte is obviously a play on the word "flight", while "barker" refers to the bark on a tree, which talks about the materials that a broomstick is made from. It is also possibly a play on the phrase "barking mad", since the Twigger 90 was thought to be a broom for those "with more Galleons than sense." It may also be that there is some element of the carnival "barker", whose job was to talk up the attractions of a fair or circus and incite the public to pay to see them.


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