"These weighty tomes may erupt dangerously from bookcases in the library - especially in the Restricted Section. They can be stunned with Flipendo; however, they're easily combustible."
—The Folio Bruti[src]

A flying book[1] was a book that had been charmed by witches or wizards with the ability to fly. They have also been bewitched to attack and bite anyone nearby. Some of them shoot blue fireballs.

One can use the Knockback Jinx to destroy a flying book, and the Draconifors Spell also appears capable of destroying it, although the transfiguration itself will not work. The Snufflifors Spell, however, can be used to transform the book into a mouse.

These books were imported from the Hogwarts Express on 1 September, 1993 in large wooden crates that were held in a freight compartment of the train. They were moved into the Glanmore Peakes Corridor and the Hogwarts Library had a number of copies by September of 1991.


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