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Gonçalo Flores

after 1976

Physical information



Chaser for the Brazilian National Quidditch team


Brazilian National Quidditch team

Gonçalo Flores[1] was a Brazilian wizard and a Chaser for the 2014 Brazilian National Quidditch team, along with Alejandra Alonso and Fernando Diaz. All three Chasers were highly commended for their performance during both the Brazil versus Haiti match, where they made thirty attempts to score during the beginning of the game, as well as during the Brazil versus Wales match where Ginny Potter complimented them on their solid performance and ability to keep their heads during the most contentious game in the tournament up to that point.[2]

According to Ginny, her son Albus Potter is a fan of Flores, and thus supported Brazil in the finals, unlike his father and siblings. At one point during the match, Flores scores and Albus nearly falls out of the VIP box in excitement, but is caught by his Uncle Ron. (Though this information comes from Rita Skeeter, so it may be exaggerated.)


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