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"Someone has been casting spells of the Dark Arts, Harry! It's all very peculiar, I must say. The exit to the dungeons is blocked by a horrendous set of curses. Dark Arts magic, I am sure. There are four curses, and each must be dispelled before the door will unlock. The actual curses are hidden around the dungeon. Once found, use your Knockback Jinx to dispel them."
Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington to Harry Potter[src]

There existed a horrendous curse of an unknown incantation that conjured a large, floating eye to hover stationary over an area[1]. The eye exudes a red aura which prevents passage and causes damage to those who approach it[1]. The conjured eye can be dispelled rather easily with a single Knockback Jinx[1].

More than one eye may be conjured in a given space, and each time a new eye is introduced the iris will be a different colour from the last; colours include red, blue, yellow and green[1]. Each eye is linked to a separate set of four revolving eyes elsewhere nearby via a curse-dependent locking spell.[1]


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