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Floating eyes curse

Curse Transfiguration


Conjures floating eyes to hover over the target area, which radiate a small but damaging aura.

The floating eyes curse (incantation unknown) is a curse that conjures a large, floating eye to hover stationarily over an area[1]. When placed in the right area, they can prevent passage and guard things of value (e.g. by hovering over a treasure chest). The conjured eyes can be dispelled rather easily with a single Knockback Jinx to the main eye.


This main eye is circled in the vertical plane by four smaller disembodied eyes—all possessing the same iris colour as the main one—and is approximately five feet in height (the smaller ones being about the size of a child's head). The eyes radiate a damaging aura capable of simultaneously hurting and throwing back any who get within range.[1]

It should be noted that if the curse is cast again whilst the last one is still in effect, the new eye will have a different iris colour to the last, distinguishing them. Four colours have been seen: red, blue, yellow and green (which, incidentally, corresponds to the four house colours of the school in which they were seen being employed).[1]


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