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Fleur Delacour's wedding dress

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This wedding dress was worn by Fleur Delacour at her wedding to Bill Weasley on 1 August, 1997. The dress is described as a rather lavish black and white ornate dress.

Behind the scenes

  • French designer, Jany Temime, said that "Fleur's dress was made in organza and decorated with a pair of phoenixes that face each other on the bodice and form the silhouette of a heart. I chose the phoenix because, like love, it is eternal."[1]
  • In the film Fleur's dress is depicted as a rather lavish black and white ornate dress. While in the book it is a simple white dress. Also, it is shown her to be wearing a black head piece whereas in the book she wears the Weasley's Great Aunt Muriel's goblin-made tiara.


Notes and refrences

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