A Flesh-Eating Slug is a magical creature very similar to its namesake, the common garden slug.[1] The spittle of the Flesh-Eating Slug has a corrosive effect on both skin and plants.[2]

It is a garden pest, and in 1992, the Hogwarts Gamekeeper Rubeus Hagrid explained to Harry Potter that Flesh-Eating Slugs were ruining all of the school cabbages. The only known way to get rid of these slugs is by using a specific repellent that can be bought in Knockturn Alley.[1]

The Flesh-Eating Slug is apparently a frightening creature, since a Hogwarts student was scared enough of them to turn a Boggart into one.[3] The Chamber of Secrets video game depics them as being roughly the same size of adolecent humans, being able to move much faster than normal slugs and having a high tolerance to fire.


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