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Flame-Freezing Charm

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The Flame-Freezing Charm is a Charm that changes the effects of a fire, so that instead of burning, it feels like a warm summer breeze. The caster may feel a gentle tickling sensation. The incantation for this spell is unknown, but it does have a nonverbal form.

Known uses

  • Wizards and witches of Medieval Times used this spell when they were persecuted by Muggles to save themselves from being harmed when they were burned at the stake during witch-hunts. They feigned screaming in pain, some even making a game out of it. During the starting of Prisoner of Azkaban , Harry wrote an essay about Wendelin the Weird, whom enjoyed the sensation of the charmed flames so much that she allowed herself to get caught and burned at least forty-seven times in varying disguises.
  • Albus Dumbledore possibly used this spell combined with Incendio on the wardrobe of Tom Riddle in 1938 to prove that he was a wizard.

Dumbledore using the charm in 1938.


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