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"'Flagrate!' She drew with her wand in midair and a fiery 'X' appeared on the door."
—Hermione's use in the Entrance Room of the Department of Mysteries[src]

Flagrate creates a burning trail in the air that fades with time. It can be directed in any shape or direction the caster chooses using their wand.

Known uses


The word Flagrate comes from the Latin words "flagro", meaning "glowing/blaze".

Behind the Scenes

Flagrate may be related to the Flagrante Curse due to the similarity of their etymologies. It is debatable if they are variations of each other or the same spell, as Flagrate and the Flagrante Curse are associated with different spell effects (Flagrate with a burning trail, and Flagrante with the object burning a person upon contact). However, it is still possible that they are the same curse, and that these different effects may be created based on the caster's intention.


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