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"For a moment, it seemed Dumbledore had won, but then the fiery rope became a serpent, which relinquished its hold upon Voldemort at once and turned, hissing furiously, to face Dumbledore."

This spell was a transforming spell that transfigured a fiery rope into a giant black snake under control of the caster.


During the Duel in the Ministry Atrium on 18 June, 1996, Albus Dumbledore conjured a fiery rope from the tip of his wand, hoping to counter a silver shield Lord Voldemort had just conjured. Voldemort saved himself from the rope by using this spell. The created serpent instantly turned against Dumbledore, serving as both a threat on its own and a distraction for Voldemort to attempt a Killing Curse against Dumbledore. Dumbledore destroyed the serpent with a wave of his wand a mere instant before it struck him, vanishing it into a puff of dark smoke while knocking it into the air.[1]

Almost two years later, during the ousting of Severus Snape from Hogwarts Castle, Severus Snape used this spell to counter a lasso of flame Minerva McGonagall had summoned forth from a nearby torch. McGonagall vanished the snake in a similar manner that Dumbledore had, but followed up the vanishment by Transfiguring the smoke into a swarm of daggers to send at Snape.[2]

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Notes and references

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