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#REDIRECT [[General Counter-Spell]]
{{Spell infobox
|hand=Point wand at target
|effect=Stops [[spell]] effects
'''''Finite''''' stops all currently remaining [[spell]] effects that it targets. It is similar to ''[[General Counter-Spell|Finite Incantatem]]'', except it targets a specific object or creature rather than one's surroundings.
*[[Remus Lupin]] used this spell to take a ''[[Dancing Feet Spell|Tarantallegra]]'' charm off of [[Neville Longbottom]].
*[[Harry Potter]] used this spell in the [[Room of Requirement]] to stop a bookcase from [[Descendo|falling]] on [[Ronald Weasley|Ron]] in [[1998]].
*[[Nymphadora Tonks]] used this spell [[Nonverbal spell|non-verbally]] on [[Harry Potter]] in [[1996]] to reveal a body bound Harry.
*[[Hermione Granger]] used it non-verbally during the [[Dumbledore's Army]] meetings in [[1995]] when Harry showed the [[Full Body-Bind Curse]].
==Known practitioners==
*[[Remus Lupin]]
*[[Harry Potter]]
*[[Nymphadora Tonks]]
*[[Luna Lovegood]]
*[[Hermione Granger]]
'''Finio''' is Latin, meaning to settle, end, die, and cease.
==Behind the scenes==
*In the [[Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (film)|film adaptation]] of ''[[Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince]]'', [[Luna Lovegood]] uses this spell to remove [[Harry Potter]]'s [[invisibility cloak]] and the [[Full Body-Bind Curse]].
*''[[Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix]]''
*''[[Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (video game)]]''
*''[[Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince]]''
*''[[Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (film)]]''
*''[[Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows]]''
[[Category:Spells|Counter Curses]]
[[Category:Spells|Counter Curses]]

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