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Finite Incantatem
General Counter-Spell


Finite Incantatem[2]
(fi-NEE-tay in-can-TAH-tem[2])



Hand Movement





Terminates all spell effects[4]

"Terminates all spell effects"

The General Counter-Spell[4] (Finite[1] or Finite Incantatem[2]) is, as its name indicates, a counter-spell for general use[4]. It may be used in duels or on an entire home, as a precaution before a wizard answers the door.[5]


It's currently unknown by who or when the counter-spell was invented. This spell is one of the seven covered in The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 2[4] by Miranda Goshawk.


The General Counter-Spell terminates all spell effects ranging from simple spells like the Jelly-Legs Jinx to more complicated spells such as Atmospheric Charms. It's unknown if there is a difference between Finite and Finite Incantatem, in terms of power or usage, it's possible that Finite is simply a more straight forward way of casting the General Counter-Spell.

Known uses

"He pointed his wand at the rampart, cried, "Finite!" and it steadied."
—Harry uses it counter Vincent Crabbe's spell[src]
Caster(s) Date Notes
Severus Snape 17 December, 1992 Snape used this spell to end the various unfortunate spells that were affecting members of the Duelling Club when things got a little out of hand.
Remus Lupin 18 June, 1996 Lupin used this spell to take a Tarantallegra Hex off Neville Longbottom.
Harry Potter 2 May, 1998 Harry used this spell to cancel the effects of Descendo (cast by Crabbe) on a large pile of objects.

Known practitioners


From Latin finire, meaning "end", and incantationem, meaning "enchantment".

Behind the scenes

  • This spell is included in the Harry Potter: Spells application for the iPhone as a counter-attack spell.
  • Hermione suggested in the Deathly Hallows that Ron should try using Finite Incantatem to stop the rain in Yaxley's office.


Notes and references

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