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"His office door is always open to any Ravenclaw with a problem, and if you're in a real state he'll get out these delicious little cupcakes he keeps in a tin in his desk drawer and make them do a little dance for you. In fact, it's worth pretending you’re in a real state just to see them jive."
Robert Hilliard[src]

The office of Filius Flitwick is a room on the seventh-floor of Hogwarts Castle, thirteen windows from the right of the West Tower.[1] It contains a desk, a bookcase and sleeping quarters and is decorated with portraits.[2] In the desk, Flitwick kept a tin of cupcakes which he would charm to make them dance to cheer up upset Ravenclaws.[3] Sirius Black was locked in there in 1994 while awaiting the Dementor's Kiss, before he was rescued by a time-travelling Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, with the help of Buckbeak.[4]

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