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The Fijian National Quidditch team is the national Quidditch team of Fiji. The team qualified for the 2014 Quidditch World Cup.


The mascot for the team is a Dukuwaqa. In the 2014 Quidditch World Cup, Fiji's Dukuwaqa clashed with a Norwegian Selma and Brazilian Curupiras, resulting in a disastrous opening ceremony where 300 casualties occured.

2014 Quidditch World Cup

On May 14th, Fiji played against Nigeria and lost 160 to 400. The Beaters Quintia Qarase and Narinder Singh lacked ferocity compared to their Nigerian counterparts, and the Chasers took serious damage from the bludgers, resulting in them only scoring one goal in the first hour as opposed to Nigeria's 40. In the 141st minute, the scores had not changed and the Seeker, Joseph Snuka caught the Snitch, losing the game, despite there not being any risk of the Nigerian Seeker catching it and winning, angering the Fijian fans and Hector Bolobolo, the manager and trainer.

2014 Squad

Fijian National Quidditch team
Unknown Unknown Unknown
  Quintia Qarase Narinder Singh  
Keeper Seeker
Unknown Joseph Snuka



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