This fiery individual was a participant in the Battle of Hogwarts; he was most likely a Death Eater.


The man was born sometime in or before 1981, into either a pure or half-blood family, presumably in Great Britain.

He was trained in the magical arts sometime before 1998, given that he fought in a battle that year and had been employed by a Dark Wizard sometime before then.

This person, toward the end of the battle, was set ablaze and thrown across the length of the Great Hall; he likely died of his injuries.

Behind the scenes

  • He could, really, be any of the unidentified Death Eaters, given that he was only seen for a few moments and was engulfed in flame for that time.
  • Theoretically, he might not be a Death Eater at all, but simply dressed as one; given the torture he had to endure, it is likely the actions were done by a Death Eater, and hence it's likely he himself was not one.
  • It is also possible that he is a Death Eater who fell victim to "friendly fire."