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{{Spell infobox
{{Spell infobox
|name=''Fianto Duri''
|name=''Fianto Duri''
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[[Category:Spells with Incantations of Latin Origin]]
[[Category:Spells with Incantations of Latin Origin]]
[[Category:Spells of known incantation]]
[[Category:Battle of Hogwarts]]

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Fianto Duri

Fianto Duri
(fee-AHN-toe DYOU-ree)



Hand Movement

Point skyward


Blueish white


Unclear; protection — hardens or strengthens magical barriers (most likely)

"Protego Maxima. Fianto Duri. Repello Inimicum."
Filius Flitwick conjures up magical defences prior to the Battle of Hogwarts.[src]

Fianto Duri is a charm that, when cast in combination with Protego Maxima and Repello Inimicum, conjures up an almost impregnable magical protection barrier. Bodies crossing the boundaries of the barrier disintegrate on the spot, while spells cast at it (if not of enough power to break it) create large, resonating explosions. This spell's effect is most likely one that, when combined with the other two, bolsters the strength of the shield itself against extremely powerful spells; this is unlike minor shield spells, which only block weak hexes and curses. Given its etymology, it is likely this spell causes a solid barrier to be made out of spells such as Protego Maxima.

Known usesEdit


Snatchers being disintegrated by the power of this spell combined with other protections.

This spell was cast by Charms Master Filius Flitwick to protect the boundaries of Hogwarts Castle from the Death Eater forces in the late hours of 1 May, 1998, prior to the Battle of Hogwarts that started at midnight the next day. The Death Eaters, on Voldemort's command, started bombarding the magical protection with spells, and it was ultimately brought down by a spell cast by Voldemort. In all probability, it is a spell calling for great power and expertise for its correct execution.

Known CastersEdit


  • The incantation is derived from the Latin "fiant", meaning "become" and "duri", nominative masculine plural of dūrus", meaning "hard" or "unyielding"; altogether the incantation means "become hard".

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