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{{Start box}}
{{Start box}}
{{Succession box
{{Succession box
|predecessor=Unknown, eventually [[Grogan Stump]]
|predecessor=Unknown, eventually [[Evangeline Orpington]]
|position=[[Minister for Magic]]
|position=[[Minister for Magic]]

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Minister Faris "Spout-Hole" Spavin was Minister for Magic from 1865 to 1903. He was most likely [2] the Minister against whom there was an assassination attempt made by a centaur. [3]

Behind the scenes

  • He is known to have served the longest known term as Minister: thirty-eight years.


The name "Faris" means "knight" in Arabic.


Notes and references

  1. According to Pottermore, Nobby Leach (Minister for Magic between 1962 and 1968) was the first Muggle-born wizard ever to be appointed to the office)
  2. Although unconfirmed this is the most likely answer to the 6-3 question of the Third W.O.M.B.A.T.; the nickname "Spout-Hole" Spavin seems to suggest that he wasn't a friend of the centaurs. Besides, the rest of his name has equine connotations: on a horse, a spavin is a swelling of the hock joint that results in lameness, while 'Faris' is a Muslim name meaning 'horseman,' or 'knight.'
  3. Sixth question of the Third W.O.M.B.A.T. at J. K. Rowling's Official Site.

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