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Evans is the surname of a Muggle family, though they have some magical blood, as Lily Evans was a Muggle-born witch. They are Harry Potter's maternal family, and are known in the wizarding world for Lily's sacrifice to save Harry from Lord Voldemort. They are related to the Muggle Dursley family and wizarding Potter and Weasley families. They lived near Spinner's End, the residence of the Snape family.[1] Lily's parents were Muggles, as was her sister Petunia.

Family Members


Petunia Dursley née Evans

Lily Potter fullcoloured

Lily Potter née Evans


Evans is a Welsh or English surname derived from the given name Evan[2]. As a Welsh name, Evan means "young warrior;" it can also be considered a form of the name John, meaning "God is gracious."[3]

Both sisters in the Evans family, Lily and Petunia, are named after flowers.

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