"You will each write an essay, to be handed in to me, on the ways you recognise and kill werewolves. I want two rolls of parchment on the subject, and I want them by Monday morning. It is time somebody took this class in hand."
—Snape sets an essay, hoping someone will recognise what Lupin's symptoms mean.[src]

In 1993, Severus Snape, filling in for Remus Lupin as a temporary Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, instructed Lupin's third year class to write an Essay on werewolves. He requested two rolls of parchment regarding the subject, concentrating on the ways of recognising and killing them.[1]


Incensed that Snape assigned homework even though he was only filling in, most of the students did not complete the essay, Hermione Granger being the only one known to do so. When he returned to class the week after, Lupin told the students that they would not have to complete it.[2] As a result of completing the essay, Hermione was able to recognise Lupin as a werewolf, both by noticing that he was ill around the time of the full moon and that his Boggart was the full moon. Lupin realised that Snape set the essay specifically because he hoped that someone would recognise the symptoms and peg him as a werewolf.[3]

Behind the scenes

"As an antidote to your ignorance and on my desk by Monday morning, two rows of parchment on the werewolf with particular emphasis on recognising it..."
—Snape sets the essay in the film.[src]
  • In the film version, Snape asks for a particular emphasis on recognising werewolves in the essay, but does not mention killing them.


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