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|effect=Bonds two objects together or joins two substances together.
|effect=Bonds two objects together
'''Epoximise''' (''ee-POX-i-mise'') is a [[Transformation spell]] that bonds two objects together.
'''Epoximise''' (''ee-POX-i-mise'') is a [[Transformation spell]] that bonds two objects together.

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Epoximise (ee-POX-i-mise) is a Transformation spell that bonds two objects together.


The targets of this spell become molecularly bonded to each other so that they are glued together. If one were to attempt separation, the surface one of the targets would hold on to the other object, stretching and sticking to that object like chewing gum.


Epoximise comes from the English word epoxy, which is a type of adhesive.

Behind the scenes

  • This spell may be a variation of the Permanent Sticking Charm, Sticking Charm or Fixing Charm, or even the actual incantation for one of them. This appears to not be the case since Epoximise is labeled as a Transfiguration spell on its card, not a Charm. However, errors have been found with other cards. For example, Diffindo is incorrectly labelled as a Transfiguration spell in the card game.

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