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"What wouldn't he give to strike now, to jinx Dudley so thoroughly he'd have to crawl home like an insect, struck dumb, sprouting feelers..."

Entomorphis is the incantation of a jinx that could be used to induce insect-like qualities upon a victim for a short period of time[1]. It deprives them of their ability to speak, forcing them to crawl about and endowing them with feelers.[2]


When, on 2 August, 1995, Dudley Dursley bullied Harry Potter's nightmares about the death of Cedric Diggory, the latter contemplated the use of this spell on the former, although the arrival of two dementors prevented him from using it.[2]


The Greek word "έντομο" ("entomo") means "insect" or "hopper",[3] and "μορφή" ("morfi") means "form", "shape" or "figure".[4]

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