Enid (fl. 1988) was the great-aunt of Neville Longbottom. One time when Neville was eight, his great-uncle Algie came over for tea, and ended up hanging the boy out of an upstairs window in yet another one of his many attempts to "force some magic" out of him. When Enid offered Algie a meringue, he accidentally dropped Neville, but the boy bounced safely down the garden and out into the road. The family was overjoyed to learn that Neville was a wizard.[1]

It is unknown exactly how Enid is connected to the Longbottom family, as she could have been the aunt of Frank Longbottom or Alice Longbottom, either by blood or by marriage.

Behind the scenes

The Black Family Tree shows that Harfang Longbottom, and his wife Callidora Black, had two children, a son and a daughter. While not confirmed, it is likely that the son was Neville's grandfather (and the man married to Augusta) and the daughter was, most likely, Enid, making Algie Neville's great-uncle by marriage.


The name "Enid" was derived from Welsh enaid meaning "soul" or "life". She was the wife of Geraint in Arthurian legend.


Notes and references

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