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The English National Quidditch team is the team that represents England in international Quidditch matches. They wear robes of red and white.

Team Special Move

The English team's Special Move is called the Rowntree Counter (10 points), and plays out as follows: Chasers Edric Vosper, Avery Hawksworth and Keaton Flitney do a dive and out of the back of their brooms flows red, white, and blue, signifying the flag of the United Kingdom, and referencing the Red Arrows, a famous English flying squad.

England's Chasers in 1994

They knock two opposing players off their brooms and while distracting the opponent Beaters, Flitney passes the Quaffle to Hawksworth, who kicks it around before passing it back to Vosper. Vosper does an overhead kick into the hoop on the far left.[1]


The English Quidditch Stadium is an oval grass pitch, with white boundary markings and a sanded area below the two sets of hoops at each end. It is set in an old ivy-covered British stone castle, with battlements, turrets, and a drawbridge. A moat surrounds the grass. The stands are made of brick and small flags are set across the stands, bearing the colours red, white, and on some flags, yellow.


Team's emblem


Quidditch World Cup - English Quidditch Stadium 01

English Stadium

The team's emblem features three yellow dragonstwo over a background of four chequered squares of red and white. The top dragon is facing left holding a Bludger. The middle dragon faces right cluthong a Quaffle, while the bottom dragon faces left clutching a Bludger.


1877 Quidditch World Cup

In the World Cup, dubbed the Tournament that Nobody Remembers English Beater Lucas Bargeworthy was missing half his teeth.[2]


The English team participated in the four hundred and twenty-second Quidditch World Cup. The team roderide atop silver Nimbus 2000s.[3] They were beaten 390 to 10 by the Transylvanian National Quidditch team.


England did not qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Argentina.


Parkin stretching to capture the snitch


Englandlogo English National Team
Early 20th century
Unknown Unknown Unknown
  Unknown Unknown  
Keeper Seeker
Unknown Roderick Plumpton
Englandlogo English National Team
Unknown Unknown Unknown
  LudoBagman Ludovic Bagman Unknown  
Keeper Seeker
Unknown Unknown
Englandlogo English National Team
Edric Vosper Averyhawksworth Avery Hawksworth FlitneyplayerKeaton Flitney
  Dawn Withey Dawn Withey Indira Choudry  
Keeper Seeker
Denisonfrisby Denison Frisby Blythe Parkin Blythe Parkin


Notes and references

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