Emily Tyler was a witch who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In the 1986–1987 school year, Bill Weasley fell in love with her. He asked Jacob's sibling for advice on how to pursue her, but she was not interested in dating him.[3]


Emily was born between 1 September 1970 and 31 August 1971, and began attending Hogwarts on 1 September 1982. She was sorted into Gryffindor House.[3]

Bill Weasley thought she was very beautiful, and she impressed him in their Defence Against the Dark Arts class when she single-handedly used the Stunning Spell and defeated a group of vampire bats. Bill asked Jacob's sibling for advice, but was very nervous about approaching Emily because he had never been in love before.[3]

Jacob's sibling eventually agreed to speak to Emily for him, and she was very surprised by the news. Emily wanted to hear everything, and when she found out that he was very shy, she called him "a prat" and put down the Weasley family by wondering who would ever date one, even if they are good-looking. Jacob's sibling was very angry, and defended Bill. When Bill found out, he eventually gave up on those feelings for her.[3]


Bill Weasley

Emily thought she was superior to Bill and the Weasley family, and considered him "ill-mannered" and "completely delusional" if he ever thought he had a chance with dating her. He was in love with her, but she considered the news "a good laugh".[3]

Personality and traits

Emily was a haughty and contemptuous young woman with clearly a very high opinion of herself. She scornfully looked down upon Bill Weasley and his family due to their low socio-economic status and was displeased with the idea of someone she perceived as below her being attracted to her. It can therefore be implied that she prefers to associate with individuals of high status in the Wizarding world, to satisfy her snobbish nature.

Magical abilities and skills


Notes and references

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