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{{Hogwarts unknown locations}}
{{Hogwarts unknown locations}}
[[es:Emeric Switch]]
[[fr:Emeric G. Changé]]
[[fr:Emeric G. Changé]]
[[ru:Эмерик Свитч]]
[[ru:Эмерик Свитч]]

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Professor[1] Emeric Switch was the author of A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration, a book required in first-year Transfiguration classes at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He had a portrait hung at Hogwarts Castle.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Switch may have passed away sometime prior to the 1990s as many portraits hung at Hogwarts Castle depict deceased individuals.


To switch is to exchange one thing with another; could be extended to transfiguration, changing one form into another.


Notes and references

Hogwarts Castle
Unknown locations

Ædificium Oriens · Apothecary department · Book of Monster's Repair Workshop · Care of Magical Creatures classroom · Cauldron cupboard · First Year written exams classroom · Gargoyle Corridor · Ghoul Studies classroom · The Grindylow Lagoon · Horace Slughorn's first office · Laundry · Lower Art Room · Rolanda Hooch's office · Stink Bomb Store · Study Hall

Portraits, statues and other artwork located in unknown locations

Emeric Switch · Iris Pius · Paracelsus · Portrait of an old man · Reginald Oddpick · Sidley Smirk Platter · Thomas More · Tobias Misslethorpe · Wilfred the Wistful

Transfiguration (class)
Professors: Albus Dumbledore · Minerva McGonagall
Textbooks: A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration · Intermediate Transfiguration · A Guide to Advanced Transfiguration
Known practitioners: Emeric Switch · Circe · Falco Aesalon · Mirabella Plunkett · Thaddeus Thurkell ·
Transfiguration spells studied at Hogwarts: Chair to cat · Match to needle · Snail to Teapot · Teacup to Rat · Switching Spell · Transforming Spell · Avifors Spell · Mice to Snuffboxes · Beetle Buttons · Rabbit Slippers · Vera Verto · Teapot to tortoise · Draconifors Spell · Lapifors Spell · Vanishing Spell · Owl to opera glasses · Guinea fowl to guinea pig · Hedgehog to pincushion · Small Child to Rat · Meddling Man to Monkey · Crinus Muto
Branches of Transfiguration: Transformation · Vanishment · Conjuration · Untransfiguration

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