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Elm (genus Ulmus) is deciduous and semi-deciduous tree comprising the genus Ulmus in the plant family Ulmaceae. The dozens of species are found in temperate and tropical-montane regions of North America and Eurasia, ranging southward into Indonesia. Elms are components of many kinds of natural forests.[1]


The unfounded belief that only pure-bloods can produce magic from elm wands was undoubtedly started by some elm wand owner seeking to prove his own blood credentials, for perfect matches between elm wands and Muggle-borns are known to exist. The truth is that elm wands prefer owners with presence, magical dexterity and a certain native dignity.[2]

Of all wand woods, elm - in the experience of Garrick Ollivander - produces the fewest accidents, the least foolish errors, and the most elegant charms and spells; these are sophisticated wands, capable of highly advanced magic in the right hands (which, again, makes it highly desirable to those who espouse the pure-blood philosophy).[2]

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